Bounce Out : Unity : Game : Volumetric Laser

Not everything I code is used. I would have to say that I use about 25% of it at most in the game so far. I spend days and days writing test after test just to delete it all and start over. Its a learning curve every day. and a bit frustrating, but its the nature of the game, so to speak. This is a video of just such a test. This one shows how a weeks work can read to nothing. I made an awesome Volumetric laser that in most cases worked just fine. That is until the lasers emission point is placed off camera. Then it simply refuses to work. I dropped this and opted for a simple line renderer for now. I will return to this though as I think volume lighting is way better. I will post some more text fails as I progress.

Bounce Out : Unity 3D : Game : Water

Today I decided it was time to add some water to Bounce Out. Bounce Out is my latest tinker project. Created with Unity, its a simple point and click or tap game. This water object and script make the ball float kind of realistically. But for this game I think its enough for now. Next I have to animate the water texture, add splashes, waves and sharks. That’s going to be fun!

Bounce Out : Unity : Game

Well a few of you may know that I’m working on a game or three. Ha! Well I’m always making games in my free time. Anyhow the latest of these I’m creating using Unity has the working title of Bounce Out. Bounce out is a simple game aimed at the mobile market. I thought I would share a few screens and a simple playable demo for you to try and maybe get some feedback on. The goal is to get your ball in to the exit tube. To do this you must bounce the ball over around through and under the hazards to collect the wonderful red green and blue cubes. Being as cubes are so cool, and not square at all. Control is via clicking ( or tapping in the Android version ) to ground or object the ball is above. The closer to the ball you click, the more energy is put in to the ball as it is repelled from your click. If you click the bottom center of the ball it will bounce. Use your skill at judging distance and angles and power to move your ball through each level. The demo has only 7 levels, no intro, music or much in the way of menus and the lasers in level five are not working as they should ( fixed this in the code now along with the bug that causes some lasers to turn off before they are outside the camera vie fully). But its playable and kind of fun. Blame Titus for making this idea come to life. I hope to turn out some more levels and better more complex traps and enemies over the next few months. The main grunt work of this code is done and its just a matter of building the levels adding some good sounds FX and eye candy for this thing to be ready. Look out for more news, screens and updated demos as I plod through this project and try and get this one on to the market. So on to the pictures… First the level select screen. In this shot all the levels have been completed. Normally levels are locked so you must progress through the game in order. Though for the demo this makes not real difference. BounceOut_LevelSelectSceen_1 These three are random screens from some Bounce Out levels. BounceOut_SceenShot_3 BounceOut_SceenShot_2 BounceOut_SceenShot_1 And lastly the demo file. Download and extract this to where ever you want then run bo.exe. Enjoy and please give me your feedback on this. DOWNLOADS bo_Demo_1 Yes right now I’m only putting out the Bounce Out demo for windows in 32 bit flavor. Setting up for android will come just as soon as I think there is enough content to warrant the effort to put it on the play store. I have no plans to develop for apple devices at this time. Mainly due to the added expense and hoops needed to get started.   <H2>Bounce Out : Unity </H2> If you want a really cool and easy way to get in to creating full 3D games then you have to checkout Unity. Pretty much everything you need to create games. Throw in Blender and GIMP, and you have a full development suite for free. How Cool Is That!!!
unity 3D c# Script camera control

Camera Control : Unity : C# : Script

This camera control script was written for Bounce Out, where it is used simply to follow the ball. I will be adding rotation controls to this as soon as I can work out a good method for the game. Once that is done, I will post that script up too. Add this c# script to a camera and give it a target. The camera will follow that target. Enable or disable the script component to turn on following. The camera will slide from its starting position to the target offset when enabled, and sit still when disabled. It should be easy to add some controls to this script to update the offset values as you require.  

Camera Control Unity 3D : C# : Script


Getting the host name in to JS using PHP

So I don’t know how often this comes up for other coders, but it comes up often enough for me to want to make note of this process. This method only works if your parsing you code as PHP. First create a simple index.php file and add the following code to it. And that’s it. You now have the host name of your client set in the Java Script var clientHostName. Easy!

JME3 : Example of vertex docking,mouse picking and more

Here is a test app for JME3 to help explain how to find a vertex in a geometry and attach another geometry to the vertex….. All that code below will give you something like this:
what it shows you...
what it shows you…
Check out the comments in the code for details on whats going on, but use the left mouse button to drag the yellow ball. The red arrow shows you where the pick is currently on the surface of the sphere. Release the mouse and the yellow ball sticks to the sphere. Enjoy. Press T to toggle snapping and watch as the yellow ball jumps from vertex to!. UPDATE : I found an issue in my first version that caused the yellow ball to be placed in the wrong location if the picked geometry was moved from 0,0,0. This version shows how snapping can be done between separate geometries. I intend to write a better demo to show how to move nodes around and dock them to other nodes using this method. Watch out for that next week. The Main file. You will need the mouse sensor control below also.